Physical Chemistry Problems and Readings

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Practice Exam Questions, First Semester (Chemistry 263)

I would like to thank the students in Chemistry 263-4 who materially aided in the debugging of most of these questions, and without whose patience and understanding this project could not have been brought to its current state.
Specifically, the surviving students:
  • M. Articolo
  • J. Cavallari
  • A. Evenski
  • S. Golden
  • C. Hu
  • B. Litke
  • J. Morin
  • T. Neyarapally
  • B. Rivers
  • C. Sharma
  • J. Zgorski
    worked very hard checking these questions. Since they have been edited since being checked, the responsibilty for subsequent induced errors surely remains with me.
    cwd, May 2,1996

    Practice Exam Questions, Second Semester (Chemistry 264)

    If you are interested in how these questions were created, i.e., Perl, CGI, HTML, Latex2HTML, Java, etc., etc., etc., then you may wish to look at a a manuscript which explains at various levels how these questions can be implemented. Since this book is constantly changing, please forgive its rather informal style.

    To read a manuscript concerning molecular vibrations in water using Maple as the language of choice to better understand normal modes, IR absorption, etc., please check out: this manuscript.

    Ein kluger Mensch lernt von seinen Fehlern, ein klügerer Mensch von den Fehlern von Anderen!

    Frank W. David, b:June 4, 1904 d:June 10, 1960
    h = 6.62606891x10-34 Joule-sec
    E. R. Williams, R. L Steiner, D. B. Newell and P. T. Olsen, Phys. Rev. Lett. 81, 2404 (1998)

    This material was created by Carl W. David when he was an active faculty member at the University of Connecticut.
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